About Us

English leather craft is centuries old and is cherished the world over. After World War 2, two highly skilled leather craftsmen, Mr Hamish Robertson and Mr Adir Cohen Jessel were working for one of the very finest leather goods manufacturers in the Whitechapel area of London making Motor and Dress cases, Hunting bags and hat cases.

Their hard work and determination coupled with a very strong friendship paid off and after many years hard work they were able to open their own workshop in London. They soon got a well earned reputation for making the very finest travel cases, attaché cases, briefcases, travel goods and small leather goods.  Such was their reputation for making the finest quality goods that from time to time they were also commissioned to make bespoke goods for customers worldwide.

Only the very finest raw materials were ever used, these two craftsmen got themselves a reputation amongst Leather suppliers as being very strict, they would only ever accept the best quality Leather, the same was also said for the hardware they used, only the best will do and there should never be a compromise on the quality.

Today our team of experts travel far afield to source only the very finest leathers and hardware, visiting many workshops throughout the world but we only choose to work with the very best, our reputation is still the same as it was back in the 1950’s, only the very best will do, no compromise.  Robertson Jessel & Co use 21st Century technology to showcase and present the company and its products to you but please be assured that each piece is still individually handmade in the same time honoured traditional way it has always been. 

The times we live in have certainly changed but our quality and the way in which our products are made remains the same as it has always been.